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Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation

InfoHighway Overview


     Overview      Publish & Subscribe Principles      InfoHighway Connectivity        InfoHighway Principle

     Security         InfoWatch                                     Statistics






 nfoHighway is a Government Infrastructure, which provides for sharing of data.  InfoHighway is designed as the service platform which allows multiple agencies to share data via data sharing e-Services to other agencies. 



InfoHighway, which is a scalable platform hosted at the Government Online Centre and designed based on the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach, uses the ‘Publish and Subscribe’ model whereby data is published by an authorized Government Agency (Publisher) on the platform and the same being accessed by the other agencies (Subscriber) after mutual agreement by both parties (abiding to Data Protection Act and other legislations in place).

The main objectives are:
§  Provide Government of Mauritius with a single scalable platform offering data sharing e-services;  
§  Provide a robust service platform to facilitate the consumption of published data amongst Government Agencies to improve operational efficiency;
§  Improving the turnaround time for the provision of useful data in a secured environment.






Publish & Subscribe Principles
The diagram below gives details and description of the Publisher and Subscriber.








InfoHighway Connectivity


The InfoHighway system provides 3 means of data sharing, each of which has its own use and purpose based on the Subscriber needs and requirements. The three means of data sharing is listed below:
-          Web Portal
-          Web Service
-          Extraction
 Below diagram further details the three ways of data transfer on InfoHighway platform.



InfoHighway Principle


he Publisher and Subscriber can be in any remote location throughout the country. The only pre-requisite is that the Publisher is on the Government Intranet while for Subscriber it is required to be on the Government Intranet or have an Internet connection (using secured VPN).
The below diagram provides a high level comprehensible view of the system in place.

he InfoHighway platform acts as a bridge between the subscribers and the publishers to share data. To ensure data sharing in a safe and secure environment, and to prevent unauthorized access. The platform is protected by a number of security layers.

The InfoHighway platform is secured based on the following principle.
            -      Multi-layers security enforced.
            -      Approval resides at several independent bodies.
            -      Publisher has full control of their database and can 
                   stop  connection at any point in time.
            -      The whole setup is on the Government setup.
            -       None of the InfoHighway servers are available on the
                    internet currently.
           -       Constant monitoring is performed using the InfoWatch




InfoHighway platform provides a dashboard monitoring tool named InfoWatch. The InfoWatch provides the InfoHighway administrator as well as the Publishers and Subscribers to monitor the system on a 24/7 basis. Among the different features in place are:
-          Publisher’s status.
-          E-Services status.
-          Statistics on number of queries and amount of data downloaded.
-          Live Traffic.
-          General information.
-          Mail notification setup.
-          InfoWatch factsheet.
Below diagram shows a screenshot of the InfoWatch (image has been blurred due to the confidential nature of the information).

The InfoWatch factsheet provides consolidated overview of stats and amount of time saved since the system is in place. The diagram which follows shows a snapshot of the InfoWatch factsheet.


It is estimated that 1.03 years of working hours have been saved after 502 days of operations of the system on a 24/7 basis.








The system has been maintained by the InfoHighway team since August 2016. The below chart shows the progress from Jan 2017 to Dec 2017, in terms of E-Services and Connections established so far.