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Open Data Readiness Assessment by World Bank

Start Time: June 01, 2015 15:00 | End Time: June 30, 2015 15:00
Location: Port Louis
Open Government Data can be conceptualized as being information, public or otherwise, which anyone is free to use, re-use and redistribute. In 2009 Open Data started to become visible in the mainstream, with various Governments (announcing initiatives towards opening up their public information. The key features of data openness are:
  • Availability and access: the data must be available as a whole in a convenient and modifiable form.
  • Reuse and redistribution: the data must be provided under terms that permit reuse and redistribution including the intermixing with other datasets.
  • Universal participation: everyone must be able to use, reuse and redistribute — there should be no discrimination against fields of endeavour or against persons or groups.


Mauritius is moving forward with an Open Data program conducted in partnership with the World Bank. This will involve conducting a study consisting of a series of focused meeting with key stakeholders, including government, citizens and businesses covering the main themes of leadership, law, Government institutions, management of data, demand for data, capabilities of business, finance and national IT infrastructure.









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